Opportunity Scholarships

Transform students into leaders through your gift of a world-class education.

The University of Texas at Austin is a powerful engine of social mobility. A quality education is transformative, and scholarships help the university recruit and enroll outstanding students from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds.

Generous alumni who establish Opportunity Scholarships through the Texas Exes — UT’s alumni association — invest in students from traditionally underrepresented groups, defined geographic regions, specific community or student organizations, and economically disadvantaged families. All Opportunity Scholarship recipients have demonstrated leadership potential.

In addition to financial assistance (from $500 to full-ride support), Opportunity Scholarship recipients have access to an invaluable resource—the network of 540,000 UT alumni living around the world. Explore the questions below to help you plan your gift or contact us for assistance.

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What gift amount can establish an Opportunity Scholarship?
  • The minimum amount to endow a four-year scholarship is $50,000.
  • The minimum contribution amount for a current-pay, non-endowed four-year scholarship is $22,000 (which includes an annual $500 administration fee).
Do I have to make one, lump-sum contribution?
  • A lump-sum contribution is preferred for endowed scholarships so the Texas Exes can award it as soon as possible. However, there is a five-year pledge option.
  • A lump-sum contribution is required for current-pay scholarships. For donors
    establishing a four-year, renewable award, the full amount of the four-year
    scholarship is required before the scholarship is awarded to a freshman recipient.
Who sets the annual scholarship award amount?
  • Endowed funds are invested and administered within the established fiduciary policy of the Texas Exes. Its Board of Directors will establish and approve the actual distribution rate, which is a percentage of the endowment’s trailing, 12-quarter average market value. 
  • The current-pay Opportunity Scholarship award amount is determined by the donor contribution. The Texas Exes assesses an annual administrative fee of $500 per scholarship.
What preferences may a donor request when establishing an Opportunity Scholarship?
  • Student classification – entering freshmen, undergraduate or graduate only, etc. (Note: Awards available to first-year students aid in recruitment.)
  • Demonstrated financial need – The Texas Exes reviews the prospective recipient’s scholarship application to determine financial need.
  • Required residency – A donor may wish for a recipient to be chosen from a certain county, or be a resident of Texas, etc.
  • Renewability – A donor may determine if the scholarship can be renewed, and for how many years. A donor may also indicate whether a minimum GPA must be maintained, and a donor may request that the scholarship is renewed and the recipient maintains the scholarship while making progress toward a UT degree.
  • Major/area of study preferences – A donor may select a recipient who is specializing in an area of study.
  • Selection process – The Texas Exes Scholarship Advisory Committee approves scholarship selection.
  • Other factors – A donor may add other preferences such as race/ethnicity, organization affiliations, students from military families, etc.

Why I Give

Susana Alemán

“It’s so nice to be surrounded by talented students who aspire to do amazing things. It makes me realize society is in good hands. I can’t think of a better investment than in the higher education of students.”

Read more about Susana’s legacy journey.

Bobby Meza

Alemán-Wilson Challenge Grant Scholarship

“Knowing I have been trusted with this scholarship means everything to me – and I can’t wait to change the world.”

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