Supporters Like You

Meet supporters like you who are opening a door to the Forty Acres.

Cory and Priscilla Redding

The Reddings are supporting future educators and health science leaders.

Mike and Jeanette Margle

The Margles are grateful for how UT prepared them for success — and now they’re helping future UT students reach their own potential.

Steve and Kathy Weiner

These geologists have established endowments and a planned gift to support scholarships and student programs in the Jackson School of Geosciences.

“If the recipient becomes a teacher, how many students will they inspire? If they’re a medical professional, how many people will they heal? As a leader, how many colleagues will they develop to their potential? Thinking on those terms gave us a new sense of responsibility and perspective… The Texas Challenge gave us the chance we’d been waiting for — the chance to do something bigger.”

—Mike Margle

Join the Texas Challenge

Together we can do so much. Join a community of people who believe in paying it forward and opening doors for the next generation of UT students. When you establish your endowed scholarship of $100,000 or more, you can activate a matching donation and double your impact.